Weddings & Honeymoons

Let the day of your wedding be one of those moments of pure happiness!

Weddings & Honeymoons


Be happy whenever the opportunity presents itself and whenever you find the strength for it in yourself because moments of pure happiness are valuable and mean more than the whole days and months of our lives spent in the blurry game of our small and large passions and desires. But a moment of pure happiness stays with us forever, like a brilliance that nothing can darken."(Ivo Andrić)
Let the day of your wedding be one of those moments of pure happiness that you will remember for the rest of your lives. To realize this, your willingness and desire are most important, and with our expert assistance and rich experience you will be one step closer to a perfect and unique experience.


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Do you like more peaceful corners, close to nature, and far from the bustle of the city? In that case, choose Konavle, the very southeastern area of Dubrovnik, known for its exceptionally rich culture, traditions, and customs. Say "I do" dressed in one of the beautiful Konavle costumes in front of a mill from the time of the Republic of Dubrovnik next to the babbling Ljuta River. For the lovers of natural beauty and tradition, there are also picturesque villas and properties in villages in the interior of Istria, village hospitality in Slavonia and Baranja and in Croatian Zagorje...


Why not commit yourselves to love and faithfulness while adrenaline is rushing through your veins, just like a kayak rushing through the rapids? The possibilities are endless, just like your imagination. Step into your new life kayaking around the walls of Dubrovnik, or flying in a balloon above the beauties of Croatia. If you are a lover of the depths of the sea, say the fateful "I do" underwater, or even in one of the fairy tale caves along the Adriatic coast. You only need to decide, relax and enjoy while letting our expert team organize everything down to the smallest detail with complete confidence.


Do you like the immense deep blue expanse of the sea, to sail at sunset, to be the only one on a small island with bare feet on a sandy beach, to be in the silent interior of a stone lighthouse? Share the joy of the happiest of moments with the charms of the beautiful Adriatic. Croatia, a country with 1,185 islands, islets, and rocks, is a true paradise for those who love to explore hidden rocks and bays. Whether you want an intimate atmosphere full of romance for only the two of you, or unforgettable fun with a lot of guests, our experienced team will make all of your dreams come true on that special day.


Do you want something special to remind you of the moment when you decided to spend your life together? Let it be really special, and marked in the magical locales of this most beautiful city, the city of harmony and love - in the Prince's palace, in the history museum, in one of the most beautiful palaces of Dubrovnik – the Sponza Palace – in the Lovrijenac fortress, built on a 37-meter high cliff; in the Revelin fortress, or perhaps on the beautiful walls of Dubrovnik that are 1,940 meters long. There are also numerous parks, pavilions, and the beautiful Arboretum, the oldest Croatian monument to botanical culture. Also waiting for you are Diocletian's Palace, the 16 beautiful Plitvica Lakes, weddings in vineyards and other unique locations throughout Croatia.