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Why has Croatia of late been so lauded by leading culinary authorities around the world?
A small land with an unbelievable diversity of top rate indigenous foods has for centuries been exposed to the influence of major culinary traditions: Italian, Austrian and Hungarian, French and Ottoman Turkish. The specialities of the various Croatian regions are not unknown to even the uninitiated: they are the food and drink of the Mediterranean, Central European, Danube River and Balkan spheres. These iconic Croatian culinary specialities are also genuine, authentic and original.
The pronounced growth of tourism in recent years has created a synergy with resurgent entrepreneurship in Croatia, in particular in olive oil and wine production. Croatian olive oils are numbered among the best in the world and indigenous wine varieties like Plavac Mali have enchanted the most fastidious experts. What sets Croatia apart is the fact that its olive groves, vineyards, orchards, pastures, hunting grounds and truffle habitats are set in a spectacular natural environment.
Finally a new generation of talented chefs is confidently taking advantage of these blessings and presenting fantastic achievements in the lagoons of the Adriatic archipelago, in medieval castles, in small bistros beside green markets and in the designer interiors of luxury restaurants.
At the end of the episode dedicated to Croatian gastronomy Anthony Bourdain spared no compliments. Wine & Dine Gulliver offers its guests programmes for which Bourdain would shoot Part II of his Croatian episode.  


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