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Visit Dubrovnik, one of the most stunning medieval stone cities, known for the beauty of its historical monuments. Discover interesting stories about the city's history, visit its museums and churches, or set out on a walk on the famous city walls. In the Neretva valley, explore the village of Vid (Narona in the past), an important centre in ancient times, on the remnants of which the only 'in situ' museum in Croatia recently  opened. Visit the Dalmatian capital city, Split, famous worldwide for its Diocletian palace, named after the Roman emper Diocletian who was born in Salona in the 4th century. The development of the town of Split actually began when the population of Salona found refuge there after numerous invasions by Slavic tribes. Trogir, the city of the "happy" moment (a stone relief of the Greek God Kairos), will delight you with its renaissance and baroque palaces. In Šibenik you will find the most beautiful renaissance cathedral in Dalmatia, in Zadar you can admire the rich collection of silver and gold at the Benedictine abbey, and in Nin you can visit the smallest cathedral in the world.  As you wander through the charming cobblestone streets of these Dalmatian cities and towns, you will feel both the pull of the past and the spirit of the modern life of today's inhabitants.

DURATION: 8 days / 7 nights


The Istrian peninsula off ers wonderful scenery: forests, vineyards, olive orchards, medieval hilltop villages and charming towns along the coast. An Istrian tour should begin with Pula, a former Roman colony, where you can still visit the famous amphitheatre, well-preserved up until today. In Poreč you can admire mosaics preserved from the Byzantine period in the Euphrasian Basilica, a site under UNESCO protection. Set out on a walk through the romantic cobblestone streets of Rovinj. Visit Hum, the smallest town in the world, and enjoy the tranquillity of the charming small towns of Motovun and Grožnjan, both off ering magnificent views of the surrounding Istrian scenery. End your visit with lunch at a family farm in the interior of Istria, where you will have the opportunity to taste many domestic specialities.

DURATION: 4 days / 3 nights


We offer a visit to the towns in the north of Croatia, along the Slovenian border, as well as  to eastern Croatia. This unique tour will take you off the beaten path to marvel at the fairytale-like scenery of the Hrvatsko zagorje region and the dreamy Slavonian lowlands. In Zagorje you will visit Kumrovec, now an ethno-village, and the birthplace of Josip Broz Tito. Next, visit the restored castle Veliki Tabor, where you will have the opportunity to taste specialty cuisine from the Zagorje region. The town of Varaždin will delight you with its baroque façades and churches, flower gardens and parks, and the Trakošćan castle, where a visit will truly take you back in time. The Slavonia region is known for its vineyards, wine cellars, vast arable land and, above all, top-quality gastronomic experiences. The tour ends in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and a city rich in history. We will visit the picturesque Gornji grad (upper town) and the Donji grad (lower town), with its numerous parks, streets, and beautiful squares.

DURATION: 8 days / 7 nights


Explore the capital of Dalmatia, Split, a city that emerged from within the palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian, and which is now under UNESCO protection. During a visit to the Cathedral of St. Domnius (St. Duje), Diocletian's former mausoleum, and in the cellars of the palace,  you will hear stories and learn about life during the Roman Empire. Nearby, discover the town of Zadar, a treasury of archaeological monuments dating from medieval times and the Renaissance. Afterwards, the new highway easily leads you further to Opatija, a tourist centre in the Mediterranean also known as the "Croatian Nice". Opatija's 'Golden Age' took place at the end of the 19th century, when it was visited by Austrian emperors and aristocracy, but its beauty and relaxed seaside atmosphere live on today. Closeby, the Istrian peninsula off ers wonderful scenery: forests, vineyards, olive orchards, medieval hilltop villages and charming towns along the coast. In the town of Poreč you can see well-preserved mosaics from the Byzantine period, part of the Euphrasian Basilica, a monument under UNESCO protection. Enjoy a walk through the romantic cobblestone streets of Rovinj before ending your Istrian adventure in Pula, a former Roman colony and the oldest town on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Do not miss out on a visit to the famous Roman Amphitheatre, one of only six like it in the world.  

DURATION: 4 days / 3 nights


We invite you to join us on a discovery tour of the diverse natural beauties of Croatia: mountains, lakes, rivers, islands and the sea. Our excursion begins with a trip from Zagreb toward the Lika region, where the most beautiful and the most famous Croatian National Park is situated: The Plitvice lakes. In this fairytale-like area nestled between wooded mountains are 16 hidden lakes, interconnected by flowing crystal blue and emerald green water. The lakes are also fed by streams and smaller rivers, creating numerous magnificent cascades and waterfalls. Next we will set out from Zadar to reach our subsequent destination, the Kornati aquatorium. Due to its unsurpassed scenery, stark coastline indentation and rich aquamarine ecosystem, most of the aquatorium has been delcared a National Park, including 89 islands, smaller islands and rocks. This area is home to the source of the Krka River, at the base of the Dinaric Mountains, which forms a natural karst phenomenon and seven waterfalls flowing into the Adriatic Sea. Continuing on our way to Dubrovnik, we will pause at the Biokovo Nature Park, where the view of the sea from the mountains will take your breath away. For many tourists, Mljet retains its legend from the Odyssey and other famous stories as one of the islands "lost“ at sea, not easily reached alone, and once you experience the island's  pristine natural beauty you will understand why.  A comfortable stay in Dubrovnik to conclude your adventure will only be icing on the cake.  

DURATION: 8 days / 7 nights


Get to know former Yugoslavia by visiting the capitals of the former republics. The journey begins in Dubrovnik, famous worldwide for its astounding beauty. The city will enchant you with its charming cobblestone streets, historic monuments and breathtaking views. Our next stop is Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a crossroads of several different cultures and religions, and where the spirit of the Orient can be felt every step along the way.  From Sarajevo we fly to Ljubljana (Slovenia), a city which owes the beauty of its building's façades in the town center to the famous architect Plečnik. Next we travel to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, a city rich in history. We will visit the picturesque Gornji grad (upper town) and Donji grad (lower town), with their numerous parks, streets, and beautiful squares. Belgrade, the capital of former Yugoslavia (and today Serbia) is situated on the Dunav and Sava Rivers, and has historically acted as the largest crossroads in the Balkan region. We will visit Kalemegdan, a fortress and a park, as well as other monuments in the city centre. In Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, we will visit the Kale fortress, the Church of St. Salvation known for its icons, the old bazaar and the stone bridge. Along the way we will learn interesting tidbits about the history of Macedonia. At the end of the tour we will travel through Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro.  Finally we return to our starting point, Dubrovnik, via the Boka Kotorska Bay.  

DURATION: 8 days / 7 nights

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PREMIUM Line Tours guarantee a more interesting experience along the route and at the destination