Gulliver culture and identity

Despite being a medium sized company, we continue to nurture values in Gulliver travel such as concern for employees and fellowship, the same way we did when we were a company with twenty employees. Through a kind of family atmosphere, you can feel a team spirit in our offices that today is hard to find in larger systems. Our culture reflecting Gulliver's identity as defined by the Gulliver Standards is very important to us as the fundamental premise that is being perceived through it. It is our identity that distinguishes us from others.

  Gulliver’s employee is
Dynamics Ready to change. Innovative. Creative. Ready to learn.
Ethics Ethical. Builds trust and partnership relationships at all levels.
Responsibility Loyal. Devoted. Encourages. Supports.
Optimizes energy. Respects the rules and instructions. Transparent. Motivates.
Shows respect.
Competency Customer oriented. Educated.
Confident. Exact. The focus is on relationships with other individuals and groups, both internally and externally, in all areas of activity.
Professionally works in teams and individually.
Communication Listens actively. Communicates honestly and continuously. Open. Precise. Provides timely information. Courteous.
Result Focused on the goal. Works timely. Brave.
Proactivity Always a step ahead.