We believe in sustainable development, social responsibility and ecological awareness.

Through its policies and strategies of sustainable development, Gulliver travel works to promote principles of corporate social responsibility and ecological awareness. We are aware that this will not bring greater business success, however, we believe that as an active member of society, it is our duty and responsibility to contribute to the greater good.

Gulliver travel pays special attention in its business to constant monitoring of trends, hence the creation of a wide range of new and differentiated   tourism products / programmes.When developing new programmes our main guidelines are innovation, sustainability,originality,exclusivity, discovering new,yet undeveloped locations,involvement of the local populationand their products/services,authenticity and high quality of service is one of the basic characteristics of our products.

We are sponsors of sport clubs (The water polo club Jug CO…), cultural events (Dubrovnik summer Festival…), we cooperate with schools and universities and we participate actively in sustainable development and environment preservation (TUI Group - Sustainable Development, campaigs for cleaning…).


  • ISO 9001 
  • Travelife Engaged 
  • Simply the best 2012 
  • Simply the best 2013 
  • Simply the best 2014
  • DMC of the year 2015
  • International cultural-tourism award Plautilla 2019
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Gulliver Travel initiated following projects in collaboration with various national and local institutions, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, associations, sports clubs, schools and local residents :


Gulliver travel collaborates in the following initiatives:
  • Dubrovnik summer Festival
  • The Water Polo Club Jug CO
  • Agrotourism Konavle Association
  • Croatian Hiking Society “Snjeznica”
  • General Hospital Dubrovnik
  • The Feast of St. Blasius
  • The Cultural Artistic Association “Stjepan Radic”
  • Concert Festival “Ana Rucner in the Old Town”
  • Kindergarten “Radost”
  • Nazbilj Association event “Santa Claus on Stradun”
  • Soccer tournament in Dubrovnik for touristic professionals
  • Teddy Bear Hospital Dubrovnik
  • Children’s Home “Maslina”
  • Combat Sports Club Dubrovnik
  • Dubrovnik Fashion Week-end International
  • Epidaurus Festival
  • The project "Children butterflies" - Association DEBRA
  • Third Ear Festival