During your stay at one of our destinations, make sure to consider our PREMIUM Excursion Line - a new dimension of the excursion program and unique to Croatia

Our programs are characterized by exclusivity, meaning, among other things, that we take you to places you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Hidden sandy beaches, diverse gastronomic outposts, secret towns, and luxury wellness programs are just a part of our rich PREMIUM Excursion Line selections.


The gastronomy of Dubrovnik and Southern Dalmatia is truly specific and very traditionally important in this climate zone. Our first gastronomic destination is Vid, where the Neretva River abounds with eels and frogs. Prepared in different local ways, these are the true specialities of the region. And served while sailing along the Neretva aboard a typical boat, they taste even better. Next up we sample the Ston oyster, bred since the Roman period and considered the most prestigious Croatian product. You will enjoy savouring these delicious specialties onboard a ship, as you sail across the protected bay of Mali Ston, passing by beautiful natural scenery and the Isle of Life. We will then dock at Ston, one of the first European towns built according to a master plan. The city is known for its ramparts, the second longest and best preserved fortification system in the world, after the Great Wall of China. Ston also boasts one of the oldest functioning salt factories in Europe, dating back to the 14th Century. Beyond oysters, Ston is a true gastronomic excursion destination, fulfilling the expectations of the most demanding connoisseurs. Indulge in the opportunity to savour delicious dishes during lunch in one of the best local restaurants. And of course fine food comes with fine wines, in this case the vintages produced on the Pelješac peninsula, the renowned grape growing and wine-producing region. We will taste a few selections after lunch in the Miloš family winery in the village of Ponikve.


The glory and splendour of the Republic of Dubrovnik and its high cultural housing standards are best reflected in the numerous summer villas built by local noblemen and wealthy merchants throughout the territory of the tiny state, and especially along the coast of the Rijeka Dubrovačka and on the islands.  One of the most interesting examples of the countryside architecture is the Renaissance-Baroque summer villa of the Gučetić-Gozze family. Set in the middle of luxuriant vegetation, the house is the highlight of the Trsteno Arboretum, which is planted with both indigenous and exotic specimens. After a stroll through the gardens, we take a boat to Suđurađ, a village on the Island of Šipan, where we visit the summer villa of the Stjepović-Skočibuha family. Overlooking the harbour, this complex represents one of the best preserved examples of Ragusan Renaissance countryside architecture. Erected on the site of a former shipbuilding yard, the construction of the villa was completed in 1563. The rigidly disposed interior contains a unique wooden balcony from the 16th Century, apparently the only one preserved from that period in the whole of the Mediterranean. We next sail to another Elaphite island, the Island of Koločep, or Kalamota as local people call it. The golden age of Kalamota took place during the 15th Century, when numerous summer villas, churches and chapels were built there. At the time of the Republic, the island was famous for shipbuilding and maritime activities. It is also interesting to note that two experienced seamen from Koločep took part in Columbus' expedition aboard the Santa Maria as members of the crew. Our excursion ends in Dubrovnik, where we visit Kazbek, the summer villa of the Zamanja family dating from the 15th Century, which has been turned into one of the most exclusive Ragusan hotels.  


Strolling along the footpaths of the historic parks of the Trsteno Arboretum, you will feel a dazzling dash of past times brush against your cheek with the warm breeze. This former summer estate of the Ragusan noble family Guečtić-Gozze is today the only arboretum on the Croatian coast, planted with both local and exotic plants, trees and bushes.  The road leads us further to Mogorjelo, a unique archaeological site dating from the Roman period. After lunch, we will visit the King's Krešimir boat, as well as the archaeological museum of Narona in the village of Vid, the first “in situ” museum in Croatia. On the way back, we will take a short detour to Ston for a walk along part of its city walls, which are the second longest fortification system in the world, after the Great Wall of China. Erected during the 14th Century, when the area was incorporated within the boundaries of the Republic of Dubrovnik, the walls are 5, 5 km long, connecting the towns of Mali Ston and Veliki Ston.


The islands of the Ragusan waters hide a considerable number of idyllic sandy beaches and sheltered bays, many approachable only by boat and only with the help of a professional skipper. Our adventure begins with a short stroll through the gardens of the Dubrovnik ACI Marina and a morning coffee, a chance to enjoy views out on the river and the splendid summer villa of the Sorkočević family, dating from the 16th Century. We sail out of the marina towards the Island of Lopud, the second largest of the Elaphite archipelago, known for its beautiful beaches. We stop at the most famous, the 500 m long sandy beach of Šunj, situated on the southeastern part of the island. We next stop on the Island of Mljet, in the heart of the national park, an oasis of natural beauty, serenity and silence, as well as beautiful coves suitable for swimming. We visit the most attractive ones and their sandy beaches Saplunara and Limune. Sailing back to Dubrovnik, we will anchor in the hidden cove of Mali Vratnik, named after the nearby passage between the Pelješac Peninsula and the Islet of Olip, a place where local sailing enthusiasts like to come for a swim. After a full day spent at sea, relax and enjoy the sunset aboard the sail boat, wrapped in a veil of salt and the familiar scent of the sea.


A visit to the Archipelago of Palagruža is quite an exciting experience, as it is located in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, halfway to Italy and very difficult to reach. In addition to the beautiful natural characteristics of the whole area, the Island of Palagruža Velika is also highly unique: the surrounding sea boasts abundant sea life, and the fact that theArchipelago is relatively isolated has allowed its own maritime flora and fauna to develop into a distinct natural reserve. Impressed by cliffs, rocks and reefs, you will step onto the pebble beach Južno zlato (“Southern Gold”), one of the most beautiful in the Adriatic. You will also have a short visit with the lighthouse keeper who leads a lonesome life in the middle of nowhere. You will hear legends and stories about sailing, fishing and life at sea to take away with you as a unique remembrance of this Adriatic adventure. Note: A visit of the lighthouse tower is allowed only in the company and with the agreement of the authorized person, i.e. the lighthouse keeper. The possibilities and the conditions for snacks or fishing need to be determined in advance.


Our religious tour begins with a visit to the Cathedral of St. Duimus, the Patron Saint of Split. This sacral edifice occupies the central part of the Diocletian Palace where it was erected to serve as the imperial mausoleum before it was turned into a Christian cathedral during the 8th Century. Together with the Palace complex, today it is listed as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site.  Next we take you to Solin, which was  visited by Pope John Paul II during one of his pastoral trips of Croatia. We continue to Klis, a fortification in the hinterland of Split, from the top of which magnificent views stretch to the neighbouring regions, including the distant Island of Vis. A visit to the early Croatian church of St. Elias, built in the third defensive wall of the edifice, is included as well. Next we move on to Sinj, a town rich with history, to pay a visit to the Church of Our Lady of Sinj, which houses a painting of the Mother of God, crowned with gold and silver. The road across Trilj and Dubci leads us further to the Croatian Lourdes, a holy place called Vepric, founded in 1908, which has become an undisputable place of pilgrimage visited by vast numbers of believers from around the world. There is another important pilgrimage site in the neighbouring Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina that is not to be missed: Međugorje. Despite the fact that the Vatican has not yet recognised it as an official holy site, over one million pilgrims come to Medjugornje every year searching for inner peace.


Wherever you happen to be on the Island of Brač, you are surrounded by stone mounds and kilometres of stone walls. Stone is a constant, and  thanks to its excellent qualities as a natural material, the island's vast architectural and historical heritage has been preserved up to the present day. The art of building offers proof of civilized and spiritual life, which makes the stonework more than just an ordinary technical performance... During this excursion we will visit vestiges of the early Christian basilicas in Povlja, in the Bay of Lovrečina near Postire and in Supetar.  Of special interest will be the eighteen little Croatian churches built atop hills throughout the island, as well as the Dragon's Cave and the Blaca Desert, both home to the Glagolitic monks. The Franciscan Convent in Sumratin and the Dominican Priory in Bol also boast important collections. Life on the Island of Brač was originally concentrated in the villages and hamlets of its interior which explains why today we find so many monuments such as reliefs, bell towers, churches and chapels. Subsequently, its inhabitants began to settle along the coast and built their home and religious structures in a more a Mediterranean style.

FOOD & WINE / Istria & Kvarner

Istria has always been the capital of exquisite cuisine and excellent wines, a real heaven for even the most demanding connoisseurs. Grant yourself the luxury of sampling exquisite sparkling wines and the unforgettable taste of truffles! A famous Istrian producer of sparkling wines will receive us in his cellar, greeting us with traditional hospitality and offering us his award winning wines, produced according to the same methods as champagne in the province of Champagne, France. We continue further to Livade, a small settlement at the edge of the Motovun forest, renowned as the location where the biggest white truffle mushroom in history was discovered and picked. Take advantage and sample different meals enriched with the unique flavour of this rare mushroom. A glass of wine will help make this experience an even greater treat for your senses! 

ZAGREB DE LUXE / Istria & Kvarner

Zagreb, the capital of the Republic of Croatia, is an old Central European town which offers everything imaginable for the modern-day traveler. Take advantage and discover the secrets of the Croatian capital! Zagreb is a town with a very rich history. Many European dynasties that ruled over it throughout the past centuries contributed an inestimable wealth of architectural and cultural monuments to the its heritage. These include artifacts related to the town's history, collections of artwork and exhibits from all over the world which are kept and presented with care and pride in the town's museums. Green areas and parks, fountains, flower beds and monuments also give this town a special charm.  Zagreb offers the unique baroque atmosphere of the Upper Town with the impressive Cathedral, the vivid open-air market place, various shops, restaurants and café bars. Showing up in one of the popular bars there means entering the centre of social life, and rubbing shoulders with numerous famous Croatian public figures including politicians, singers, actors, sportsmen and fashion models. Shopping in Zagreb is a sign of prestige-- you can choose among many local designer showrooms and world famous designer shops. Grant yourself a luxury; let your imagination lead you!

BODY, MIND & SOUL / Istria & Kvarner

Today's destination, Opatija, is often called the "first lady of  Croatian tourism" or "the Croatian Nice". Spend time enjoying the ambiance of the Austro-Hungarian villas, take a stroll through their parks like important statesmen used to do long ago, enjoy the views out on the islands from one of the numerous terraces, and breathe in the smell of pine-trees and the sea. Prepare yourself for what follows...  We take you to an oasis of beauty, relaxation, tranquillity and smells, where all your senses will suddenly wake up! Abandon yourself; let the deep sensations of pleasure invade your entire being! Enjoy soaking in a jacuzzi and a magical aromatic oriental massage with a touch of pure essential oils. The experience is healing for your soul, brain and body at the same time! Perfect meals prepared by one of Croatia's greatest chefs await you in the romantic ambiance of the restaurant of your choice, with wonderful views out onto the whole bay! Spoil yourself; let this be the best gift from you to you!

HIDDEN CITIES / Istria & Kvarner

During this excursion you will discover hidden picturesque places of enormous historical interest, where almost every stone has its own story.  Gračišće is one of these places, situated in the very heart of Istria. Once upon time it was the favourite station of the young Istrian Casanova during his continuous wanderings from one little town to another, looking for adventure with beautiful ladies with whom he was so dreadfully obsessed.  The little church of St. Mary, built in the characteristic Istrian style and housing great frescoes, stands on the central square, surrounded by old stone houses which tell stories about the tumultuous past of this place. Staggering landscapes present us with an opulence of colours while we drive down the road to the valley of the Mirna River and Roč, another hidden pearl of Istria. Mentioned for the first time in 1064, this little town is a cultural monument in itself. Its historical buildings and old dwellings smell of past times. After visiting Roč we begin our search for the smallest town in the world-- Hum, the cradle of the glagolitic culture, where only twenty-two happy people have the privilege to live today.  Now that we have discovered the hidden towns, we can start discovering the hidden menus! In a typical Istrian tavern, our kind hosts will prepare genuine, traditional Istrian meals, with the same methods used by past generations that will no doubt continue on into the future. 

SLOVENIA DE LUXE / Istria & Kvarner

A journey has always been motivated by a taste for new experiences, a meeting of new places and new cultures, and this tour will enable you to discover new landscapes and new flavours. We take you to Slovenia to visit small but unique gems along the Slovenian coast. Our first stopover is Portorož, a stylish town filled with luxury hotels, restaurants and boutiques, situated amongst luxurious coastal greenery. Enjoy a moment of relaxation, allow yourself a “trip” to one of many elegant boutiques or order your favourite drink in one of the seafront café bars. We will then take a short excursion to historical town of Piran. Situated on a smaller peninsula, Piran is one of the most picturesque little towns on the coast, with the main square washed by waves whenever the sea gets rough and water spills over the quay wall. You will take a stroll along the streets of the town which bring to mind the charming architecture of little Italian villages. After the historical promenade, we will take you back to the present day, where luxury rhymes with Torkle, one of the best Slovenian restaurants, a temple of culinary art, built in the old Istrian style from local stone. There, immersed in a romantic and stylish ambiance, you will be spoiled by delicious dishes you have never tried and wines you have never before tasted. Pure luxury!

MONTENEGRO DE LUXE / Istria & Kvarner

Nowhere else besides Montenegro will you be able to find such great variety in such a small country. Natural wonders astound with their pure beauty, such as pristine beaches, crystal blue lakes and snow capped mountains.  The entrance to the magnificent Bay of Kotor will leave you breathless! The fjord-like bay, surrounded by steep mountains, conceals a pearl, the Old Town of Kotor, which simply blends in to the gorgeous surrounding ambiance of the mountains and bay. Kotor, with its past interwoven in the little streets, chapels and squares of the Old Town, is also included on UNESCO's list of World Cultural Heritage Sites. Once upon time Kotor was a town of seamen, and still has many incredible stories and legends to tell! Our next stop is Budva. The Old Town, enclosed within Medieval walls, is situated on a small islet, which is connected to the mainland by sandbanks. Budva is a charming seaside resort where people like to show up to be noticed, where life goes on day and night. Budva is visited by jet setters from around the world and is a perfect oasis for getting together and partying. Modern boutiques and shops will attract you to spend your money, whilst the fancy restaurants will beckon you to enter with the exquisite dishes they offer, making this little country a real gastronomic Mecca. Don't miss this unique opportunity to journey from one end of the Adriatic to the other and discover, in only one day, something new and completely different!

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During your stay at one of our destinations, make sure to consider our PREMIUM Excursion Line - a new dimension of the excursion program and unique to Croatia