Our catamaran has become a TV star!


Libertas TV reports on the SeaGULL 30 catamaran

(Dubrovnik, August 26, 2019) Last week, Libertas TV made a report that briefly covered the story of the SeaGULL 30 catamaran, the new and luxury Gulliver travel project. The report was released as part of the show ''Eto ljeto'' on Friday 23 August.

To learn how did the idea of introducing a catamaran to the excursion program come about, how this product differentiates itself from the competition and what our loving guests think about it, click on this link.
It should be noted that the purpose of catamaran SeaGULL 30 is to carry out daily and half-day excursions in the Dubrovnik archipelago. This project represents the highlight of the Gulliver travel excursion program offer, which we believe will contribute to increasing the quality of the tourist offer of the entire destination. You can also read more about SeaGULL 30 - Gulliver Travel Catamaran Excursions, here